The National Park Karaburun Sazan displays the highest biodiversity values ​​in Albania due to the diversity of habitats and wealth in flora and fauna species. This park is the most beautiful and most impressive part of the Albanian coast, with the greatest opportunities for developing marine activities such as diving.

 The area offers exceptional scenic quality of the entire rocky shore, especially during the boat trip to the caves, canyons and small bays

 The presence of:

unique historical (including military) and archaeological remains in the Orikum lagoon, Vlora and Karaburun Bay (ships sunk in antiquity and in the two World Wars);
cultural heritage sites that attract visitors such as: The Castle of John the Baker, the Tower of Dervish Ali, the Church of Marmiroit, etc.
Within the PCC K-S there are 4 caves:

The Cave of Haxhi Ali, adjacent to the North Molin;
Duk John Cave 2 km from the Gulf of Bristán;
Water Cave; and
England's cave, about 1km to the very Gulf of England.
 Also this area includes several small beaches such as:

St. Basil's Cape;
St. Jan's Cape;
Brist Bay (3 km north of the bay);
Lloviz Bay; and
Gulf of Gram.

Near St. Basil's Cape and St. Jan's Cape there are a few small moles and tourist business services that can be used to anchor and serve small boat with visitors. Other possible mooring places are assigned to St. Basil's Cape, North Molin, Cape Spas and Bristani Bay as well as several small beaches.